Attract A Strong & Quality Man

How To Attract A Strong & Quality Man

It is well known that men and women that are strong, successful and high quality in terms of their looks and personality and pursued by more so than others. This is because of the fact that they are rare and that there are not too many of such men and women. In my opinion, finding a strong and quality spouse or partner should be the goal of all single men and women. By strong and quality, I mean people who are resolved and sorted out in addition to being good looking and having a good personality. The reason for this post is that many of my women friends usually ask me what advice I would give them on this topic.


Well, my advice is simple…become a strong and high quality woman yourself, take care of yourself, be in good physical, mental and emotional health, have high standards for everything in your life, read more, learn more grow constantly and so on. The reason for this is that the easiest way to attract men (and women) is to become attractive. It is not something you do or say, it is who you become and who you are everyday. If this is not done, and one solely relies on temporary solutions like doing or saying something then it will not last.

More specifically, be irresistible to men by respecting them. This one thing will set you apart from all the other women a man knows. In today’s times, meeting people who are positive and respectful can be a rarity more than a norm. So, use the respect principle as described by Mr. James Bauer in his What Men Secretly Want pdf. James mentions many good ideas for women to attract a man and keep him for the long term and his core theory for his book is called The Respect Principle. This is a very powerful yet very effective principle when it comes to attracting men.

You can find more information about this topic by directly talking to a man but the key here is not have a general conversation but instead to ask specific questions about what makes men attractive to women, what is important to them and so on. Once you have such a conversation with a few strong and quality men, you will understand what they are thinking and this is usually very different then what you have been told about men. This will be information directly from people who have the qualities you admire in men and chances are these qualities are common among such men. So, be confident and take some action to change your love life forever.